Eye See You

February 5, 2008

Eye See You

My friend and I were testing out the macro setting at work today and snapped this shot. Immediately we started to remarking on what sort of attitude my eye reveled to the viewer. This was a point and shoot situation (with the Flash OFF!!) so no posing or premeditated expression was captured, just how I look 7/24/365. So, how about it? You game to give it shot? Go ahead try it (REMEMBER: TURN THE FLASH OFF!!!). And see what the world sees. Don’t pose, don’t pre-plan the shot, just do it!(FLASH OFF!!). So, is your eye a window to your soul? What do you see in it?


Today a Tote Tomorrow the WORLD!!

January 30, 2008

Plano Tote Caddy

I can’t believe it, I finally decided to organize some of my art stuff (paints, brushes, mediums, etc…) and I thought all I need is one of those cool totes to put all my stuff in. I figured some place like The Home Depot would have this stuff coming out there ears, so off I went….

NO LUCK! What they have are nylon canvas tool totes, useful to be sure, but not what I was looking for, you’d think they’d have the plastic kind…so, off to Sears I went….no luck…hmmm….

Well I know we have these at work. The question is “Where did we get them?”. While driving home I figured the only place my boss and I would have bought them is Fry’s (where else, but the big computer toy store), so off I went.

YAY! Praise be to the computer gods for they are good and supply us with totes!!

I don’t know if any of you out there ever need one of these things but apparently they’re called a “Tote Caddy” at least by Plano. Knowing that I looked em’ up on line sure enough there’s a few places that carry them, Fry’s included. If you have a Fry’s near you go there they have a better price.

Anyways, now that I’m no longer distracted with looking for a “Tote Caddy” (and will have my art supplies organized) I can continue my on going quest of world domination…now where did I put my pencil??…

*Note, I just looked up a few more things. If you’re ever in need of these things try “Supply Caddy” Rubbermaid and few others manufacture them as well.*


Best Asiago Bread in Sac

November 16, 2007

Hi all,

Ever been craving a good asiago bread and not know where to go? Well, fear no more. I’ve done all the footwork and will steer you in the right direction. Here’s a list of the asiago breads that I enjoy. I’ve rated them in descending order based off of asiago cheese to bread ratio, and over all sourdoughy goodness.

1) Village Bakery Asiago Bread, this brand is available at Whole Foods and The Sacramento Natural Foods COOP. I like it the most because the cheese is actually integrated with the bread so, each bite is a sourdough asiago cheese pleasure.

2) A close second is Panera Bread’s Asiago Cheese Demi Loaf, referred to as just a “Demi”. I’ve tried the full loaf and for me it’s too much bread to cheese. I like to get the cheese with each bite or at least most of them.

3) Panera Bread’s Asiago Cheese Loaf, although I knock it in the comment above it’s still a wonderful experience, just not enough cheese to bread flavor ratio for me.

4) Boudin SF’s Asiago Cheese Loaf, arguably the most visually aesthetic, the overall cheese to bread taste is sub par when compared to the others. Designed as individual rolls baked together with cheese over the top you’d think there would be more than enough flavor to go around. Sadly though I got more bread flavor than cheese so I just can’t rate it higher. If I wanted to savor their bread’s flavor I’d just get the sourdough.

And there it is brief and simple. I’ve tried others as well and as soon as I remember or get the names I’ll add them to the list. Good asiago bread eating all, ENJOY!!!


New bases?

November 7, 2007

Hi all,

The new acquisition of CoX to NCsoft and the allotment of “both” sides to all players brings up and interesting question…

Do we want to build SG bases? Remember this affects us on more than one server. Liberty, Justice and soon Freedom will all be considerations for SG bases which:

  • require upkeep ie prestige, although on the surface this sounds not too bad remember after level 20 you no longer earn influence and prestige together only one or theother. In SG mode you’ll earn prestige for the SG and no “cash” for your toon, while playing out of SG mode means more influence, but no pestige.
  • How big do we want the bases? As I see it teleporters, med-bays, work benches and storage (vaults for salvage and “shelves” for enhancements) are all desirable, but all these things cost which means prestige.
  • How do we earn prestige? My recommendation would be to choose one night, probably Friday and run a few PB missions with everyone in SG mode. The other recommendation I havewould be to always run in SG pre 20.
  • Which servers are we going to play on? If we build SG bases it only makes sense to use them. The more bases we have the more dispersed our efforts to garner prestige for them will become. Personally I don’t have any trouble with playing on any of the servers and I think NAP and JHI need a SG base as will the pirates once I11 hits.
  • Who will be the architect? Any or all of us can build the SG base (depending on the SG settings) with the limitation that only one can be working on it at any given time.Also, it’s possible to undo what someone else has done so there should be some agreement on overall design before work starts on the bases.

We can use my blog to discuss this, use your in-game handles, either toon names or your global, thanks, Warboss


Warmachine Mini’s update

July 18, 2007


Here they are in progress the “Widowmakers” from the Warmachine miniature line.


New Miniatures Continued

July 10, 2007

Hi all, I know it’s been awhile since my last post….well, what can I say? I’ve been busy (goofing off). I’ll try and get some shots of the WarMachine Miniatures I’ve been working on posted. The last round I took were too blurry to be of much use or interest.


Kit Bashing Continued

May 22, 2007


Okay, so here’s the same model only I sawed off the “front” plating making the once front now the back of the flyer. The cage in front will serve as the cockpit and behind him will be a gunner. I will add a gun ring and appropriate goo to make it all look right. A few more mods to the bottom and rear of the gunner and all will be good.